Inner Loop Pet Sitting

"I have been using Terry and her group of dog walkers for the last 3 years and I wouldn't use ANYONE else! ...  It takes a lot of trust to let someone care for your animals, collect your mail, let into your home while you are not there.....and Terry and her staff are the only ones I would ever use.  I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone..."     Jason


"I can't heap enough praise on Terry & Inner Loop Pet Sitting, which I have used to cat-sit for my two felines for more than two years.  I travel frequently, sometimes for 5-6 weeks at a time, several times a year.  Terry texts me daily to report on playtime/feeding/etc. with my "girls," usually including a really cute photo.  Whenever I return, food/water bowls/litter boxes are always clean & neat...I wouldn't use any other cat sitting service -- Terry is the best." - Teresa 


 "We LOVE Inner Loop Pet Sitting!  Terry takes such good care of our two pets, a dog and a cat. We would not be able to leave our pets at home without her....  If anything at all seems out of line with the furries or our house Terry immediately lets us know and seeks our input.  We have used the service for over three years and could not be happier." A.C.P.

Happy pet parents

"My husband and I were going away for a week and being new to town naturally worried about finding a good pet sitter.  We looked at the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and found Terry Merryman, founder of Inner Loop Pet Sitting. We were surprised to find they offered convenient services we didn't even know that pet sitters provided like checking mail and watering plants.  While we were away in Minnesota, our dear cat had an accident, and if it wasn't for Terry's attentiveness we might have lost him.

Kitties and pups on our web site are happy members of the Inner Loop family.  We would be proud to provide references from their parents!

"...if it wasn't for Terry's attentiveness we might have lost him."


She noticed that he didn't greet or play with her as normal, so she decided to come back a second time that day. After she noticed him acting quieter and growling at her touch, she notified us and took him straight away to the emergency clinic. With us out of town and our cat with a broken leg, Terry went above and beyond her duty by ferrying him between the clinic and surgeon until we could get home. It's hard to trust someone else to look after your pet's needs when you can't be there for them, but we can't recommend Terry and Inner Loop enough." Georgia and Micah